Summer is drawing to a close which means kids are heading back to school. The first few weeks after your kids return to school may feel overwhelming and impossibly busy, but you still have to make time for important conversations. One of those important conversations you should be having with your children is about safety for them as they get back in the swing of things. These are some of the safety tips you should be going over with your children this school year.

Safety Tips for Walkers

If you live close enough to the school that your child gets to walk, or if they have a long walk to the bus stop, they need to know how to be safe along the way. Review these important safety tips with your child if they’ll be walking this school year.

  • Walk on the sidewalk as much as possible. If there isn’t a sidewalk to walk on, walk in the direction facing traffic.
  • Look both ways before crossing a street and use a crosswalk if you can.
  • Don’t run in front of parked cars, they could move at any time.
  • Pay attention while you’re walking. No texting or other distracting activities.
  • Don’t use headphones while you walk.
  • Walk the route before school starts with a parent to find the best places to cross the street and use the sidewalk.

Safety Tips for Bike Riders

If your child is a little older, they may begin riding their bike to school. This is fun for the child and gives them some exercise before and after the school day, but it can also be extremely dangerous if they don’t know the right safety tips. Make sure your child knows these rules of the road before riding.

  • Wear a properly fitting helmet
  • Be aware of your surrounding and look out for hazards
  • Learn hand signals for the road and use them
  • Wear clothes that are easy to see so drivers know you’re there
  • Know the rules of the road, crosswalk, and school area to avoid an accident

Safety Tips for Teen Drivers

If your child is in high school, they may start driving themselves to school. This is an exciting time for any teen, but it’s a scary time as a parent. Have a serious talk with your teen before allowing them to drive alone or with any friend in the car to make sure they’ll be as safe as possible.

  • Be aware of crosswalks and pedestrians
  • Don’t stop too close to a school bus
  • Don’t pass a school bus in a loading or unloading area
  • Be cautious in school zones
  • Resist distractions. More teens get into accidents from distracted driving than any other source, be sure to share the facts with your teen and stress the importance of paying attention to the road.