As adults and kids start partaking in their favorite winter sports: skiing, snow-shoeing, and good, old-fashioned sledding they remember to bundle up for the cold weather but do they know that hydration is another important concern in winter.

We don’t often associate cold-weather exercise with dehydration. The body doesn’t get as hot, and sweat evaporates more quickly in the cold air. Our minds trick us into thinking we aren’t losing fluids as rapidly.

During the summer, our bodies are constantly reminding our brains that we crave water.  However, in the winter season, we don’t sweat as much, our sweat evaporates more quickly in the cold winter air, and our bodies are engrossed on the idea of staying warm, leaving us to forget about our need to drink water and not just fill up on hot chocolate.

  • In addition to dressing warmly, be sure to wear layers.  These extra layers will help to conserve your body heat, but the added weight will force your body to work harder, producing more sweat, contributing to fluid loss
  • In a dry or high-altitude setting, your sweat turns right into vapor instead of forming on the skin
  • When shoveling, work slowly, bring a water bottle with you when you shovel, and force yourself to drink – even if you don’t feel dehydrated.

Whether you’re hitting the slopes or spending an afternoon cross-country skiing, AFC Urgent Care Hamilton is here to keep you hydrated!