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If you’re planning your next trip out of the country, you’ve likely read a thing or two about travel vaccinations. Travel vaccinations vary depending on where in the world you plan to travel. Learning what vaccinations, you need is as simple as a quick visit to the CDC website, and getting the vaccinations is easy as well! Despite the ease of getting them, many people fail to vaccinate themselves before leaving the country. Many of them are left wonder, do travel vaccinations really matter?

Protecting Yourself and Those Close to You

The simple answer is, yes, travel vaccinations really matter! Failure to get vaccinated not only puts you at risk but your friends and family who will be waiting for your back home when you return. Traveling without getting vaccinated leaves you susceptible to contracting a variety of diseases that you have no antibodies against. In addition to putting yourself at risk, you could be exposing all of your friends and family waiting for you when you return from your travels. Since they haven’t traveled they likely don’t have the vaccinations to protect against the disease you may be carrying, so they will probably get sick as well.

Returning Home

Without receiving the proper travel vaccinations, you could be unexpectedly extending your travels. The US prevents those who have traveled to specific regions from reentering the country if they can’t show proof of receiving travel vaccinations. You should receive your vaccinations 4-6 weeks before traveling to ensure you’re adequately protected and cleared to reenter the country as planned!

Why Risk it?

Getting travel vaccinations is no different than getting all of the other vaccinations you’ve received in your lifetime. If the preventative immunization is available to you, why would you leave yourself at increased risk by choosing not to accept it? It’s no different than putting on a seatbelt when you get in the car. You aren’t planning to get in a car accident, of course, but you know you’re protected in the unfortunate event that it happens. You may travel and never be exposed to an illness, but why not protect yourself anyways? Travel vaccinations have little to no side effects, they’re covered by insurance, and getting them is a quick and easy process. Getting vaccinated will allow you to enjoy your trip without worry or fear lingering in the back of your mind!