We are the most vulnerable when we are young, it is also when we develop the most. Children need to be protected as they grow into adults. Car seats, Helmets, knee pads, are all ways to protect children but so are vaccinations. Vaccinations help prevent children from getting serious diseases.

What are Vaccinations?

Vaccinations are the injections of old or dead viruses. These viri are not harmful to the body but our cells don’t realize this. Our cells adapt and attack the virus resulting in immunity to the virus if it were to ever enter our body again. The side effects of vaccinations include:

  • Itchy skin
  • fever
  • a cough
  • flulike symptoms

Vaccinations are important

Some reasons to vaccinate your children:

  • Old Vaccine Preventable viri haven’t gone away, old diseases such as polio & mumps
  • Vaccines are just as important to your diet & health as having a good diet & exercising regularly
  • It does not matter how young & healthy you are if you do not have the correct vaccines you are still more at risk to get a disease than someone who is
  •  Vaccinations are safe & effective
  • For a newborn, a vaccination could be between life & death
  • An unvaccinated child is a risk to the whole family. If the child gets sick then there is a change the older members of the family can get sick as well

How do I get a vaccination for my child?

AFC Doctors Express Urgent Care is now offering Vaccinations for children & adults! Drop by today or give us a call at 609-890-4100; no appointment needed!