When we think of Halloween we think of Ghost, Ghouls & candy! However, it is scary the amount of candy that children consume on Halloween night! We here at AFC Doctors Express Hamilton do not want you to be taking away your candy from your kids on Halloween, but we do want to inform parents to be more aware of the dangers that bung eating candy can do on this holiday.

How much candy are we talking about

Recent studies have shown that kids eat an estimated 7,000 Calories from candy om Halloween night. To put this into perspective kids should have between 1,600 to 2,200 a day! Kids eat more than 2x their daily intake in just one sitting! Within these 1,6000 calories your child will consume about 675 calories of sugar! The normal intake a child should have of sugar is about 32 grams! It is no wonder why children have such a hard time falling asleep on Halloween night!

How bad is extra sugar?

Extra sugar for a child is sometimes normal since kids love treats. One night of excessive candy will not give your child any problems or complications. However if you keep your children eating high amounts of sugar they will gain health problems in the future as they grow. Some health problems they can run into are turning into pre-diabetics. Pre-diabetics are extremely common:

  • 1 in 3 US adults are pre-diabetic
  • Pre-diabetic adults can’t correctly process sugar and carbohydrates
  • Regular overindulgence at the pre-diabetic stage may lead to diabetes in just a few short years

What should you do?

We do not recommend dramatically cutting off your child from eating candy on Halloween! However we do feel that Halloween is a great time to start teaching your child about dieting & impulse control! With some pointers & tips your child could learn a valuable lesson on the dangers of too much candy throughout their lives!

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