November is the beginning of the best time of the year aka Holiday Season! The Holidays are meant to be spent with family & loved ones. The last thing anyone wants to do on the Holidays is in bed sick or sneezing all day because of pesky allergies. If you suffer from all year around allergies or Fall allergies have no fear; Doctors Express Hamilton is here to help you & give you some tips to beat your allergies this fall!

Always think ahead

If you are worried about your allergies that kick start in December, then why wait until you start getting symptoms in December to begin treating yourself?! You should be preparing yourself a couple weeks before your usual symptoms arise to give your body some time to prep to fight these allergies. What do we mean by this you may ask? We intend to start taking your allergy medication about 1-2 weeks before December. Now would be a perfect time to begin to make sure you are not at the Family Christmas party sneezing up a storm!

Don’t let mold take you out!

Mold is not a good look when it is allergy season. Mold is something that the majority of the population is allergic too & you could have some very serious health issues down the road if you are exposed to mold over a long period of time. To beat mold, you first have to find out where it grows. Mold does not need much to start building. The components of mold are basically, a warm clammy environment with stagnant water. So some places you should be looking for mold are:

  • Sink
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Pipes in the basement
  • Under bed

You do not have to check for mold every day but checking sporadically during allergy season would be very beneficial to you and your household.

Be careful when doing chores

If you are taking out the trash or mowing the lawn or even cleaning around the house, you have to remember to be cautious if you are prone to allergies. When you are cleaning stuff around your home, you are kicking up dust & pollen that may have been hiding in a specific spot all summer. This, of course, can be terrible news for you and your allergies. Our advice is for you to wear some sort of mask when cleaning to block your airways. If you are sticking your nose & mouth, this can help stop pollen from giving you an allergic reaction!