Doctors Express Hamilton would like to remind you all that the flu season is from Septemeber to January, which means right now we are in the middle of flu season. If your child has not received the flu shot, you have put them at serious risk of getting the flu! It seems in today’s news there are a lot of reports going around stating that flu shots & vaccinations are not safe for children. These reports are just not accurate, your child is more at risk of getting a severe illness if they do not have a shot or vaccinations. Below we will be discussing why you should get your child a flu shot before its too late!

What is the flu virus

The flu is a virus that is seasonal. This means each year you will need to get the new flu shot to protect you from the flu because last years shot will be ineffective. A virus can adapt to try to overcome its host & live inside of them. Each year that the flu virus is incapable it changes to try to attach to us as host. We know this all sounds very scary, but the flu is something that we can avoid pretty easily.

How dangerous is the flu for children?

The younger the child, the more dangerous the flu virus is. The flu targets the immune system & gives us a feeling of fatigue. For infants, the flu can lead to severe respiratory problems, that make it hard for them to breathe or in some worst cases the flu can even lead to death in infants. For small children, the flu would have a more significant impact than adults. Adults immune systems are fully developed & are able to send the correct antibodies to eradicate the virus. However, this does not mean adults do not get very sick from flu, that is how strong a virus it is.

What is the flu shot?

The flu shot is similar to vaccines in the purpose that is served. A weakened or dead flu virus is put into the vaccination shot & is then injected into the body. The body will then react to the virus & build the correct amount of antibodies to defeat the virus. So if the body comes in contact with this virus again, it has a head start on beating the illness. However, the flu shot is not 100% effective. You will still need to be very cautious even after the flu shot to not get the flu!