The federal government requires that any one applying for or holding a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) complete a physical exam before a commercial driver’s license may be issued or renewed.

At AFC Urgent Care Hamilton, our team of highly-qualified physicians and medical professionals are available to perform these DOT Physicals with no appointment necessary.

DOT Requirements include:

  • 20/40 vision in each eye, with both eyes combined, & with or without correction
  • Determine the difference between the colors of traffic lights
  • Hear a forced whisper at a distance of a minimum of 5 ft
  • Blood pressure must be 160/100 or under
  • Blood sugar must be 200 or under
  • The use of habit forming drugs, amphetamines or narcotics is prohibited
  • If you have a cardiac problem, such as heart failure, you must pass a stress test & present a note from the physician stating you have no driving restrictions

AFC Urgent Care Hamilton is a walk-in clinic here to provide you with a comprehensive exam and complete the applicable reports for you during our extended hours.

Walk-ins are always welcome and there is little to no wait time! We can perform your DOT Physical for a fraction of the cost of the ER and accept coverage through a variety of health insurance plans.

Call us today 609-890-4100 or stop in and see us at 2222 Route 33 Suite H for more information.