A lot of people start to panic when the weather gets warmer. The worry is not that it gets warmer in the summer, but that neglected physical health might not have the body looking its best. There are plenty of reasons to stay healthy all year long, but as layers disappear and more skin shows all summer long, a good workout routine helps keep a summer body during the warmer months. With summer a little bit away, now is a great time to start using some easy exercise to kick start the summer season in time for sunshine and warm weather.

Easy Exercises to Start Today for Summer

Summer is close, but there is still time to exercise in ways that helps the body get ready for summer months. Two areas of concern are always the arms and stomach, so here are exercises for both.

Pushups for a Perfect Summer Body

There are a lot of people who do not like showing off the arms. Whether flab or skin is looking worse for wear, pushups are a sure-fire way to get the desired results that caused stress over winter and the holidays. Pushups are simple and can be done on the individual’s knees if too tricky in the normal position.

Pushups once mastered, are also an exercise that can be added on to for more severe results. For example, moving side to side while doing pushups activates tricep muscles and the shoulders much more than just a stationary pattern does. That means once the activity is practiced, an extra challenge can be added that will help speed up the process of hitting the summer body goals.

Ab Focused for the Summer

The abs and stomach are a nightmare for some who do not like to show off the midsection. It’s natural to feel a little shy, but no shame should ever come from the body. If the stomach has a bit of extra padding on it that has to go, crunches are a must. A crisis can be done like pushups, in various levels of expertise and ability. Coming up slightly using only the abs is a good crunch. Making sure to avoid using the neck and shoulders is essential to prevent injury.

Once a basic crunch is mastered, moving up to work with a medicine ball or dumbbell is a great way to push physical limits to a health challenge. The added weight means added results, and that’s important as summer starts coming closer and closer.