We here at Doctors Express Hamilton want all of you to be enjoy all things spooky this October! Halloween season can consist of haunted hayrides, scary houses, costumes & of course decorations around the house! The most famous decoration of them all is a carved pumpkin. Unfortunately, there are many injuries reported every year in October for pumpkin carving, Doctors express Hamilton wants you to avoid that! Read more on some tips to keep you carving & out of the emergency room.

Clean your area

A very simple thing that you can do to ensure that your pumpkin carving goes correctly is to clean everything! Pick an area in which you would like to carve your pumpkin. After you picked an area make sure it is clear you do not want any type of liquids or objects on the floor that can result in you tripping or slipping. You should also make sure to clean at the equipment you will use before you start carving anything. Leftover gunk or rust can lead to utensils not working correctly & this can open up a possibility for injury.

Don’t sharpen your knife

If you are using a knife do not sharpen it. Odds are most of us are not familiar with carving pumpkins. This means we do not know the density, weight or the amount of pressure we should use when cutting them. If you sharpen a knife, this will make the blade cut through the pumpkin very easily, & can lead to you cutting through the pumpkin & hitting your hand. This could also lead to the knife being stuck in the pumpkin forcing you to have to yank it out. Note that if you pumpkin gets stuck in a pumpkin do not try to rip it out, simply pull it out slowly to avoid the risk of injury.

Buy a kit

The easiest way to avoid injury while carving a pumpkin is to buy a kit! When you buy a kit you take away the chances of using equipment that is not designed for carving pumpkins. With the kit, you do not need to prep for anything all of the tools you need to be right there. Since the kit is specifically designed for pumpkin carving they also have some safety measurements to them.

If you or anyone you know has any more questions please feel free to contact us at  609-890-4100