When turning the calendar over to April, a lot of individuals start to feel scratchy throats, runny noses, and irritated skin and eyes creeping in. The symptoms of allergies are often minor for most but can build up at the busiest allergy season periods to unbearable levels. What may start as a minor irritation can flare up into full-blown allergy attacks, leading to days needed off work, trouble breathing, and miserable days and nights spent suffering. If the reasons behind allergies are a mystery, these insights into spring allergies help explain what causes seasonal struggles.

What Causes Spring Allergies?

Spring allergies are kicking in as the weather gets warmer, and there are a few reasons they start to kick in. A popular one is often overlooked.

Tree Pollen: A Secret Threat

There are a lot of people with pollen allergies, but there are more places that cause pollen than just flowers and plants. Trees are a significant impact on pollen levels, and being higher in the air, produce more of an effect on pollen allergies than flowers do. Over 10 different types of trees create pollen that blows through the air all Spring long. The immediate symptoms of tree pollen allergies are runny noses, itchy and scratchy throats, and dry and itchy eyes. When the sun is out, and the skies are clear, allergies related to the tree pollen levels are highest. Rain might be annoying, but it does limit the amount of pollen in the air, which is a welcome relief.

Mold: Spring Means More Spores

Yeast and mildew are the two most popular forms of mold, and both are produced at their highest levels in the Spring. By April, mold spores of all sorts begin to pop up everywhere, and like tree pollen, the wind carries it through the area. Mold spores also stick to clothing, so a few minutes outside could carry in an all-day struggle against allergy symptoms. Mold can also grow inside the home with intense levels of moisture. Keep an eye out on moisture levels in the house and consider an air purifier if indoor mold is assumed to be present. Also, make sure to remove the image immediately, either individually or with a professional.

The causes of Spring allergies are easy to spot. When April comes around, and the weather warms up, the wind carries allergy particles all over the country. Taking care of the threat of allergies saves a lot of headaches, both metaphorically and literally.