Before you embark on your adventure of a lifetime, you need to be completely sure that you’re properly prepared. This could entail packing all the necessary equipment or bringing any required travel documentation.

Above all though, you need to be 100% certain that you’re healthy enough to travel to another country. There’s no way to avoid it – travelling compromises your immune system. When you’re confined to a congested airplane, your body is susceptible to a number of airborne viruses cycling between the cabin’s finite air.

This is why the Center For Disease Control highly recommends that you get all the necessary vaccines before travelling to a foreign land. This is for both your health and the health of everybody around you. In the globalized world, people are traveling between borders at higher rate than ever before – increasing the potential for a mass disease outbreak.

At AFC Urgent Care Hamilton, we can administer the majority of travel vaccines. Furthermore, we offer them all at affordable prices. Plus, we understand travel plans are often made at the last minute, so we’re able to accommodate any walk-in visits, every day of the week. We can additionally provide you with anti-diarrhea medicine and antimalarials for your travels.



Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY)



Your Destination

Dates of Trip

Purpose of your trip

Are you currently treated for any medical problems

Have you has a significant medical problem in the past

Could you be pregnant?

Are you staying mostly in cities/tourist destinations

Are you going to spend time in a rural area

Are you going to spend time above 5000 ft

Are you going to work in the foreign country

Are you allergic to eggs or chicken products

Have you has any hypersensitivity or reaction to vaccinations

Have you had Guillain-Barre Syndrome

Have you had all of your childhood vaccinations

Have you had tetanus/diphtheria vaccination in the last 10 years

Have you had measles vaccination (2 shots)

Have you had polio vaccination as an adult

Have you had hepatitis A vaccination (2 shots)

Have you had hepatitis B vaccination (3 shots)

Have you had meningitis vaccination in the past 3 years

Have you had typhoid vaccination in the past 2 yeats (if injected), or in the past 5 years (if oral)

Have you had yellow fever vaccination in the past 10 years

Have you had Japanese encephalitis vaccination in the past 2 years

List current or previous significant medical conditions

List current medications


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