For a long time, emergency rooms where the only option if you needed emergency medical care. Stitches, strep throat, sprains, and other medical ailments that aren’t necessarily life-threatening were treated at an emergency room. Finally, there’s another option. Urgent care centers have become the latest rage across the country for those in need of medical care. Once you learn a little more about what sets an urgent care apart from an emergency room, it’s easy to understand why!

Lower Cost

Urgent care centers attract people looking to get care without breaking the bank. They’re able to treat, vaccinate, and offer physicals at a fraction of the price as a traditional emergency room. Not only is that good because it saves people money, but it encourages people to seek treatment who may not have otherwise because they were afraid of the cost.


In many neighborhoods, people have easier access to urgent care than they do an emergency room. Urgent care centers are open later than a traditional doctors office, so parents can take children after they get off work, instead of having to take time away from their paycheck. Using an urgent care to treat small injuries and infections saves the hassle of trying to make it to a doctor’s office or emergency room that’s likely not as close by. Some urgent care centers even offer blood work, urine testing, and imaging, all in the convenience of your neighborhood!

Quick Care

Urgent care centers can get patients checked in, treated, and sent home quicker than most emergency rooms can even get people put into place to be evaluated. Urgent care centers are designed to offer quick care while still addressing the problem at hand. Nobody looks forward to getting stuck in an endless wait at the ER, and urgent care is a perfect solution. The care is quick, but it’s still good. Staff at urgent care are just as qualified and experienced as the staff you’d find in an emergency room. If anything, they may even be able to offer more attentive care because their schedule isn’t as overloaded!

There’s no denying the fact that urgent care centers are growing in popularity. And it isn’t surprising when you take all of these facts into consideration! Next time you’re in need of expert medical care, give a local urgent care a chance.