Visiting the eye doctor isn’t something most people look forward to. The waiting, the paying, and then having somebody so close to your eyes make it sound less than appealing. While you may not want to visit the eye doctor, you may need to. Even if you think you see beautiful, one of these other common symptoms may apply to you.

Frequent Headaches

If you’ve gotten used to having a headache more often than not, there’s something wrong. You may be having vision issues, but you may also just be experiencing sensitivity from too much time spent looking at screens. Your eye doctor can evaluate your symptoms and give you the advice to help make them go away. In some cases, patients even discover they’re suffering from an anti-stigmatism or glaucoma.

An Infected Eye

If your eye becomes infected, you likely won’t be able to clear it up at home. Eye infections typically require prescription antibiotic drops which your eye doctor will be able to prescribe. If you notice persistent pain, redness, swelling, or discharge, it’s time to set up an appointment.


Those annoying little spots we see when we look up at the sky or an unattractive white surface are known as floaters. Some floaters are normal, but constant or excessive floaters are a sign of trouble. Flashes or shadows in your vision can often come along with excessive floaters too. Not only are these things annoying, but they can be a sign of a severe issue. Floaters are often the first indication that you have a detached retina. Detached retinas can lead to blindness over time, so it’s not something to mess around with!

Eye Pain

Eye pain is not normal. If you’re noticing eye pain that doesn’t go away, schedule an appointment for a check-up. The issue causing your pain could range from dry eye to a scratch on your eye. No matter the ailment, your eye doctor will know what to do to help relieve the pain and other symptoms you’re experiencing.
If you’re nervous about visiting the eye doctor, let them know that you’re shy! They’ll be able to explain the process and try to put your nerves at ease. After you leave the eye doctor with a reasonable explanation for your annoying symptoms, you’ll realize that going was the right decision!