Have you ever had a fever and felt cold at the same time? Only like… all the time! It’s really normal and you are not going crazy — you are only having a fever. There is a logical explanation for this phenomenon. It’s the response from your immune system.

When a fever hit you, there is an abnormal change in your body temperature. A chain of reactions starts to happen in the response to that. Pyrogen, a substance produced by bacteria and brought into your body with the fever, is released into the blood. It travels all the way to the part of the brain which controls your nerves and regulates body temperature.

This forces your system to raise your body temperature. This is where the cold feeling is coming in. Although you might feel hot, your body still shivers, goosebumps appear, and your blood vessel constricts to keep increasing its temperature. That’s why you want to reach for your blanket even though your body temperature is already high.

When the fever starts going away, everything slides back to normal. The pyrogen starts to disappear and your body doesn’t need all those warming up mechanisms anymore. This is when you sweat a lot to cool down.

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